Christian Tietje, ZinBitch and Winemaker - 3 Ball Zinfandel

Christian Tietje, ZinBitch and Winemaker - 3 Ball Zinfandel

You know Christian Tietje – he’s the surfer, punk rocker, metal artist winemaker who started Four Vines wines in a Berkeley backyard. And then he grew Four Vines’ head-spinning Zinfandel and racy, unoaked “Naked” Chardonnay into national sensations. – and cashed out.

He sold the Four Vines labels to the corporate world and, just like Dave Grohl went on to start the Foo Fighters after Nirvana, Tietje started Cypher, 3-Ball, and Sea Monster wines.

He set up shop in Paso Robles for easy geographical access to Rhone varietals, his beloved Zinfandel, and the Pacific Ocean.

After over 20 years of making some of the state’s best Zinfandels, growers know him as the “Zinbitch” because of his commitment to only source from the best, head pruned Zinfandel vineyards and his credo that low yields produce the most remarkable wines.

Through the Cypher and 3-Ball labels, he’s growing his reputation. At Cypher, he makes big, badass Rhone wines and Zinfandel with names like Anarchy, Peasant, and Heretic and outrageous art labels. His 3-Ball Zinfandel blends California’s top three Zin appellations  – Sonoma, Paso, and Amador – into one bottle.

Today, when Christian’s not being a “Zinbitch,” you can find him surfing on the central Coast of California or welding a mad sculpture that his wife won’t let him bring inside the house. Or find him at sunset, when you’ll want to be around while he’s popping oyster shells and washing them down with Octopussy.